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Views From The Six by Dwayne Morgan

February 2nd, 2016 No Comments


In 2014, I was approached by a young man, who wanted to help me with the production of a holiday pop up shop that I was putting together to support local entrepreneurs. I loved his drive and energy. He delivered on all of his promises, and he was instrumental in me pulling off a successful event.

A few weeks ago, this same young man, Segun Akinsanya, posted on Instagram that he had written the cover story for the February issue of Toronto Life Magazine, entitled My Life In Street Gangs.

I was a bit taken aback. I didn’t know this side of him. I didn’t know him very well at all, but when people approach me, I look for good people to work with, and he proved himself to be so. I was eager to read the article.

The article is his story, from birth in Nigeria, coming to Canada at age two, losing his mom at age eight, moving often, finding yourself around the wrong people, poor decision making, manslaughter, the legal system, and now, starting a program and receiving government grants to try to help others who may find themselves on a life path, similar to one he wishes no-one to repeat.

The article sugarcoats very little. I didn’t see it as a cry for sympathy, but a young man trying to make something positive out of the negatives he has experienced, and perpetrated.

This is all fine and well. Should you want to read the piece, you can do so here:

My issue was when I made the mistake of reading the comments on the article. Clearly, many had missed the point that I had taken from it, and the ignorance being displayed was both scary and disheartening.

The times have changed. It is no longer politically correct to outwardly hate other people, but the hate still exists. People with hate in their hearts work with you, worship with you, laugh with you, but they also have an outlet. Social media has made cowardly people brave, as they hide behind their avatars, eerily similar to the power Segun describes when powerless people hold illegal weapons. Even in the youth poetry program that I run, a teacher was recently let go, for posting what he thought were anonymous anti-Muslim tweets, while teaching and coaching Muslim students.

Race has become a major issue in North America since the election of President Obama, and Segun’s story about his life, also opened the floodgates to views from the six.

One person writes: “This is Western civilization now. White taxpayers funding their own displacement through mass immigration while bribing them not to create crime and supporting their reckless breeding habits”. Ironically, Segun has no children, but facts don’t matter when the candle of hatred has been lit, and the anonymity of the Internet amplifies voices, that some, myself included, would rather not hear from. We cannot be naïve. Every one of these comments represents many people who share the same views.

Joel writes, “I wish I had the Black privilege to get paid for murder. Alas, I’m just a wage-slaving, tax paying white guy”. I was unfamiliar with Black privilege prior to Joel’s comment. Upon further reflection, I assume he is referring to the disparities in employment opportunities, wages, education, and geography; or maybe the harsher treatment and sentencing that the Black community receives from all levels of the criminal justice system.

Maybe, I convinced myself that the comments couldn’t get any worse, so I continued to scroll down. I soon realized how wrong I was.

Vanitas writes, “Paying blacks not to murder is not a long term solution as long as we neglect to pay them for not having a string of illegitimate, welfare dependent children”.

The World Health Organization has listed racism as a factor contributing to the quality of ones life. We are not immune to this in Toronto, despite the myth of multiculturalism. Flavius Stilicho sums it up by writing, “We keep importing people from Third World cultures with the genetics stacked against them, and then are surprised they turn to crime”.

This is the environment that Syrian refugees are being introduced too.  We are now living in a time where Donald Trump can classify an entire nation of people as drug dealers and murderers, and people clap and cheer. Though it had been suppressed for some time from mainstream discourse, White supremacy and privilege is at an all time high, and is being propagated via social media and Fox News.

I suppose no one summed it up better than retona4, who wrote, “I would have shipped this guy’s worthless dindu ass back to The Congo the first time he cost tax payers a nickel”. Before I continue with the quote, it should be noted that Segun mentioned being born in Nigeria, but they’re both on the continent of Africa, so same evil. I digress, “Can anyone seriously offer any benefits of multiculturalism? When our nations were White, they were safe, prosperous, had no social problems, and lead the world in every metric. Now all we do is blather endlessly about racism and equality…I think we need a White country”.

I am going to go out on a limb and assume that retona4 is not a Canadian, because this country has never been white, unless one is in denial, and negates the genocide committed against our native people, the residential schools, missing aboriginal woman, and so on, and so on.

I have great faith in humanity. I had, and will continue to have faith in Segun’s ability to turn his life around and help others, despite the poor decisions in his past. I have faith in Toronto, and the hope that these views, despite the number that I didn’t quote, represent a minority of people, and we are in fact tolerant, open, loving human beings, who truly believe in the human race, and not the superiority of one over any others.

The Internet has made the world a very dangerous place. Authorities worry about terrorists recruiting impressionable minds, but place no attention on how hate is being bread like bacteria in a Petri dish. I am grateful to Toronto Life and Segun for the article, because it has cut through the fog, and given a clear look at views from the six.

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Dwayne Morgan is a writer and social activist.