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January 4th, 2017 No Comments
Emphasis by Sefa DM
posted by: Dwayne Morgan

E M P H A S i S

put an emphasis on your eduCATiON

you won’t regret it when you reach your desired loCATiON or should I say destiNATiON

remember, money doesn’t have to be your only motiVATiON

just keep that ongoing determiNATiON and stay hungry,


don’t forget God is like your GPS naviGATiON, with that there’s no negotiATiON

he’ll stick it to you like a vacciNATION, keep you in check like you were on proBATiON

let you talk and pray with him whenever, no need for a reserVATiON

the love is none like any in the entire NATiON


once you come to the realiZATiON that your dediCATiON has paid for your vaCATiON

there’s no similar senSATiON, when life is just a breeze, ventiLATiON

all the years of anticiPATiON, now manifested by your green,


get up and remove the negative, mental alterCATiON

then you’ve truly reached that feeling of valiDATiON




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