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January 4th, 2017 No Comments
A 6 Letter Word by Sefa DM
posted by: Dwayne Morgan


“you’ve really changed for the better” might be the most pleasing words to the ear…

but the opposite interpretation is not what you wanna hear…

you begin to better yourself and improve on what you believed needed work

meanwhile others see it as you changing for the worse

just tryna be the best me that I can be, ha, but nah

it’s that 6 letter word….

CHANGE, a 6 letter word with a 10 letter description — inevitable

we must not remain at the same level in this game we call life

but it’s not like there’s much of a choice anyway right?

the first step starts at the bottom, Drake already told us that

ha, see but most won’t understand such a simple fact

CHANGE, a 6 letter word with a 9 letter characteristic — necessary

we can’t avoid what is bound to happen already

but I bet we, will stunt on those who said we, couldn’t keep it steady

it’s like the evolution from a girl to a woman, a boy to a man, an instrument to a band

it’s all part of God’s masterful plan

CHANGE, a 6 letter word with an 8 letter consequence — jealousy

people wanna see you do well, ha, but never better than them

‘cause it’s better for them to have someone lesser than them who won’t be flexing on them when their life hits the fan

man it’s like… when your use diminishes, their loyalty finishes

and it’s not even your enemies you need to keep an eye on… ‘cause your “Day 1” can ruin your day too (2)

no point in watching your back since your foes ain’t usually the ones that’ll cross you

CHANGE, a 6 letter word with a 7 letter requirement — proceed

proceed, move on, advance

no more of that “living in the past”

cause when you live backwards you invite evil to your path

‘CAUSE *repeat but spell out live and evil*

see, a fixed mindset will leave you stuck in one spot

while a growth mindset provides that ladder to the top

CHANGE, a 6 letter word with a 6 letter

goal — better

never settle for something less than you deserve

don’t be that one who has the potential to soar with the eagles yet chooses to crawl with the snails

improvement requires movement, you MUST learn that there is a difference between someone keeping you grounded versus someone weighing you down

always remember that your moves will be misunderstood by those who aren’t meant to join you on your journey

so when certain ones fall off, don’t stress, that’s usually how it’s s’posed to be

but man.. I think some of y’all still got it confused, and it’s kinda getting to a dude

needa understand that it’s not just my body that grew

I’m back and I’m better, if you’re thinking about hate, don’t, just exchange it for love so you’re not left with a Trapped Soul… s/o Bryson Tiller

therefore, let it be known that “changed” is not a synonym of grown

and one with high goals does not venture alone

so when success is calling, you better pick up the phone

and remember you’ve got God on your side, he’d never let you walk on your own


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