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As a speaker, Dwayne Morgan has a dynamic, easy going charm, fusing his poetry between his messages, and keeping his audiences hanging from his every word.

Morgan uses personal stories and relevant anecdotes to address issues of:

  •  Time Management
  •  The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  •  Bullying
  •  Gender Equality & Diversity
  •  The Importance of the People Around Us
  •  The Myth of Happiness
  • Living Local, but Thinking Global
  • Investing In Self
  • The Myth of Competition
  • The Power of Ordinary People

I cannot believe the conversations around your presentation – people have been coming to me saying that it was the best assembly we have had at Bethune. As adults, there are so many messages we want to deliver to the students, and they often go unheard. Yesterday, they listened intently to your message – such a positive address. Students have been in thanking me for making the arrangements to have you, and some of them are already using your examples in their conversations about themselves. It created quite a stir within the school.

           M. Taylor
Dr. Norman Bethune C.I.

Current Talks Available (Talks can be tailored for most age groups)

This presentation offers the audience tips in to how we can all create the lives that we want for ourselves, through simple changes in our daily actions.

Based on Morgan’s book of the same name, this presentation focuses on excellence through our thoughts, and actions. This talk is designed to remind audiences that it only takes one person to change the world, and who better than them.

While it is important that we all learn our collective histories, this talk touches on the Black experience, but focuses on the Black present and future. Through this talk, we see how ordinary people have shaped the world, and we are reminded that we all have a role to play in advancing society forward.

 Based on Morgan’s children’s book of the same name, Before I Was Born is being designed for elementary school children, and will focus on issues around compassion, gender, and reaching for our dreams.

** Morgan’s poetry is a feature of each talk, creating an enlightening and entertaining experience for his listeners.