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Colin K by Dwayne Morgan

August 13th, 2017 No Comments

Colin K


In 2016,

In response to injustice,

And police brutality,

San Francisco 49ers QB,

Colin Kaepernick,

Decided to take a knee,

Refusing to stand,

For the playing of the American Anthem,

Whose ideals,

Weren’t living up to the experiences

Of those who looked just like him.


A people up in arms,

Because a black man chooses to kneel,

In order to take a stand,

For those,

Killed with their arms up,

put down like sick pets,

Just without the dignity.


They considered disrespectful to the country;

More so than marches for equality,

Still happening in 2017,

More so than sports teams,

Named the Braves, Redskins, and Blackhawks,

More so than the thirty million dollars

That Lebron James makes,

But still comes home to find,

Nigger spray painted

On his front gate.

Clearly, Colin forgot

That signing a contract means,

Stepping away from your community,

And pledging allegiance to the league,

Whose owners sit like overseers,

Watching Black men

Make them money on their fields.

This feels all too familiar,

Almost like de ja vu;

Don’t worry about the others,

Be happy that they aren’t you,

Don’t notice the lynchings,

Even though they’re in plain view.

Do what we pay you to do,

And don’t worry about them,

Play your position,

So that you won’t be next.

He, stepped offside,

And spent the season

On the bench.


and he still has no team,

possibly the end

of a life long dream,

simply for taking a knee,

to take a stand,

to speak for the voiceless,

from Mike Brown to Sandra Bland.

This is what happens,

When we refuse to be quiet.

This is what happens to those

Who disrupt and riot.

This is what happens

When we speak on injustice and violence,

In a world that would prefer us

To just sit and be silent,

Whether in sports, corporate America,

Or the spoken word;

Life just seems so much more comfortable,

When we are seen and not heard.

Teams that would benefit

From his talent,

See him as too much of a risk,

We’re pretty safe when we’re handling a ball,

But no-one wants a black man

Who stands up for shit.

That might affect the sale of tickets,

And people’s enjoyment of the game.

Can you imagine,

If he inspired other athletes

To start doing the same,

To use their money and celebrity

To advocate for change,

But instead,

They make him an example,

His career is almost dead,

Because even unarmed and on our knees,

We still remain a threat.

Dwayne Morgan