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February 10th, 2014 No Comments
Snooze by Dwayne Morgan
posted by: Dwayne Morgan


Saturday morning,
alarm sounds at seven.
Fingertips graze my naked flesh.
Soft lips place kisses on my neck,
careful not to wake me.
Kisses dance on my collarbones,
moonwalk to my pecs.
Her tongue brushes my chest,
Sucking each nipple between her teeth.
The pleasurable pain,
Causes me to stir,
But I don’t wake.
My torso,
familiar terrain,
explored like her first time.
Her tongue dipped in and out
of my belly button.
Fingertips parted inner thighs
with no resistance.
Relaxed balls responsive to her tongue.
My eyes, coaxed open
By kisses along my shaft.
Her mouth, a lumberjack
With a passion for morning wood.
Each suck, slurp, and stroke
Conspired to wake me from my slumber.
I released the night’s pent up frustration.
We locked eyes.
She smiled,
Knowing what I was about to do.
Her legs were spread,
For breakfast in bed.
The day can wait;
I’m hitting snooze.

Dwayne Morgan

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